Salute to Soldiers and Veterans Progam

G. Mark LaFrancis can help your organization plan, organize, and execute a stirring Salute to Soldiers and Veterans Program, which includes a formal ceremony, the powerful In Their Boots: Poems Inspired by Soldiers and Their Loved Ones multi-media program, a short presentation about his personal journey in the project, a book signing and more.

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Stairway to Reading

“Stairway to Reading” is a motivational, inspirational and educational program for young and middle readers (grades 2 through 8) created by inspirational author G. Mark LaFrancis, who is passionate about helping youngsters gain confidence and courage to both read and write. The project includes a book series, and writing and reading programs for schools and libraries. His work has won the hearts of young readers, teachers and parents. G. Mark LaFrancis takes pride in writing clean-language novels with positive characters and inspiring themes. Each novel comes with “Words to the Wise,” vocabulary-builder words, and suggested teaching projects. Visit our Stairway to Reading Program.